BEFORE you Do another launch, read this...

My friend,

I’m glad you’re here. My name is Marc Allen and I’m humbled to see your interest to see the “overview” on how we help experts, course creators and educators have a stable and growing online business...

Using what we call a CDT Launch Sequence.

Just a reminder, a launch could be any online promotion like...

  •  A 5-day challenge
  • FB Live
  • Webinars
  • Virtual summit
  • And so on.

And CDT simply means…

Create Demand. 

Demonstrate Value. 

​Tap In Sales.

For the right people…

The CDT Sequence could be a gamechanger that my partner clients gladly pay us $15K - $30K + per year just so they could focus more on SERVING their clients and less time selling.

Just some of the results from this 3-step strategy...

  • Took a small email list of 1300 subscribers from a non-sexy niche (analytics) and we brought them from $30K to $62K+ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in just 30 days... Just by changing WHO we are attracting to their webinar.

  • Took a tiny Facebook Group of 187 buyers (not prospects), TWEAK the offer, and filled out 5 spots of their $6,000 certification program in 14 days, with a simple FB live.

  • Took an email list of 7000+ prospects and ran a CDT campaign to a webinar to book a call. And his team closed just shy of $120k in COLLECTED revenue.

I don’t tell you the above to brag…

Nor sell you a course because I don't have one.

But I want you to understand that this is UNLIKE anything you've seen before.

I mean, what would it mean to your life and business if you can... 

Turn your one-time buyers into REPEAT long-term happy customers?

... WITHOUT having to lose your reputation or use spammy emails or FB posts (because yes, we can also run this in a FB Group)? 

That's what CDT launch sequence is all about.

Obviously, this won't squeeze much juice out of a dried-up raisin. 

**If you have or have built a list in a niche that just doesn’t buy...this won’t make them magically pull out their wallets and buy. 

** If you’ve not built a relationship with your list...or you don’t have a track record of sales and client satisfaction...this won’t help either.

But if you have those, then you’re golden!

Allow me to share the REAL secret on how we get people to join a membership program with ease.