Your Back-End Profit Machine

What Would It Mean To Your Life And Biz, If You Can Add at Least $500,000 in Gross Revenue in 12 months or less... WITHOUT Increasing Ad Budget, Getting On The Phone, Or Spending The Night On Webinars?

Hi friend,

Marc Allen here, and if you have an established expert-based business and wants to add 5 - 6 figures on your bottom-line month after month...

Pay close attention.

In just a moment, you’ll get a real inside look on how we are helping clients sell their high-ticket masterminds, coaching programs, membership sites, or VIP events WITHOUT…

  • Spending your evening on a new webinar
  • Building a funnel for your recording masterclass
  • Writing long-form sales letters
  • Or even doing any kind of 60-90 min. sales calls/strategy sessions.

If you have an email list or Facebook Groups of BUYERS (and have a $5K, $10K, eve $15K+ program/s), you may be surprised to see what can happen :-)

Before we go there, let's discuss...

The OLD Way To Sell High-Ticket Programs...

Facebook Ads/Email -> Opt-in Page -> Webinar -> Book A Call -> Strategy Session -> CLOSE

This is your typical high-ticket funnel, right?

Now, I have nothing against closing sales through phone call/strategy sessions or doing webinars. 

They are tools you can use from your toolbox.

But do you feel like you can close more $5K, $10K or even $15K or more if you feel like you don’t have to block out days or weeks for a sales call?

Like instead of a 60 - 90 minute strategy session, you only need to do a 6-minute confirmation call (and do it ONLY if you have to?)

Or if you have an additional way to close high-ticket programs and not just rely on phone...

Would you create more higher-ticket programs if you could do that?

Getting No Shows?

No matter how experienced you are or the closers you hire, no shows could cost you a lot of time, money and energy.

For some, it can even lead to frustrations and loss of confidence which is not good for your business.

And there’s a good reason why people don’t show up on a sales call/strategy session.

Believe it or not…

It's the fact that there’s a HUGE percentage of people who have a  negative connotation with salespeople. 

The moment they feel that your strategy session offer is a sales call, there’s a high possibility that they will not show up on the call.


Save Yourself From Talking To Unqualified People 

Your typical webinar funnel has around 60-90 minutes webinar and another 60 - 90 minutes strategy session.

Again, nothing wrong with those tool as long as you use them at the right time, but WHO do you think will typically spend the time to sit through a 90-minute webinar + 90-minute strategy session?

People with more time than money? or  more money than time?

WHO are more likely to buy $5K, $10K or $15K + programs?

People with more time than money? or  more MONEY than time?

Can you see a mismatch?

So -- instead of investing time, money, and resources in building another webinar funnel and spending 60 - 90 minute with unqualified people...

Why not we get you on the phone with players with money?

Or better yet, deploy our Back-End Profit Machine, and we'll boil your message down to the best parts, then serve it up hot in 2 or 3 emails (or messages) to your players with money? 

And then close them using nothing emails or live chat, so you can ditch getting on the phone and focus on SERVING your people?

​PLUS... We Can Lower Your CPA And Increase ROI

We cannot deny the fact that there’s a RISE on Ad cost whether it’s Facebook, Google or whatsoever.

And it's probably not coming down anytime soon!

Thing is…

The approach most business owners make is they spend thousands of dollars on ads, running them to a webinar and then if they don't buy on the "first bite," they just throw them out!

That's why they think it's too EXPENSIVE!

They thought, “If only I could get cheaper clicks, leads, registrations, applications, etc.”


They point their finger of blame on Facebook or Google and thought…

“FB Ads or Google Ads doesn’t work!”

In my experience...

The way out of this crazy problem is not only slowing down on spending but making the most of what you’ve already got.

(AKA: REPEAT business!)

Don't be surprised if after a while, depending on your appetite, you don't need to run an ad as much, if at all, when you fix your back-end.

In fact, you may even end up with more than you and your family need in a lifetime, which is our goal for all of our clients.


What I shared above is based on the assumption that you need to you the OLD webinar funnel to get high-ticket sales.

The idea that you must increase ad spend, create new webinar funnels, and get on the phone is what stop most people from selling their high-ticket programs and increasing profits.

There’s a more efficient way...


A Bigger Pie Promotions way…

If you're ready for it, allow me to walk you through our (not very) exciting SECRET on how we convert $5k, $10K or even $15K+ programs using nothing but emails and live chat.

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