3 Secrets To Launch Your Membership To 6-Figures And Beyond...

Wondering how our clients are getting people smoothly to their membership programs using nothing but emails/FB post + special order form...

... When other good folks are sweating their pants off just to make people engage in their launch?

Here’s our secret.

SECRET #1: We Create Demand

Let's face it, doing a launch with webinars, FB live or even a regular email campaign is like any kind of event.

You need to create DEMAND.

Thing is...

A typical email invite doesn't create demand. Reminder emails don't create demand. Even the “Last Chance” emails don’t create demand. 

What you put on those emails may create DESIRE, but not demand.

This is what our “positioning mojo” solves...

... The more you turn those desires into DEMAND for you, your product, and/or your service. 

The more you use the law of supply and demand in your favor, the easier it is to make a sale, and the MORE you can actually charge.

SECRET #2 : Demonstrate value BEFORE you make an offer.

Do you know why people don't read most launch emails?

Few reasons are:

  • They're just busy
  • They become desensitized because everybody is promising the same thing
  • It's just not relevant to them

These are all valid reasons.

But do you know the REAL reason why most people don’t read most launch emails? 

The BIGGEST underlying problem? 

They KNOW that they'll just be sold in most launch emails.

Don't know about you but if I feel that an email is just a pitch email, I often ignore it.


When the subject line talks about my present problem that I wanna get out of, something I'm fed up with, and when I open the email, it gives me insight on how to solve my problem, then I can't wait to get that pitch email.

Have you experienced that?

So that's what we want to do.

We want to craft our emails not only to make the right people open it, but to ensure they get value BEFORE you make an offer.

And for us, we use what we call the "AHA Trifecta" to create valuable emails in 30 mins or less.

SECRET #3: Timing

I could talk for a day about timing but for the sake of this post, it's all about this ONE THING. 

With a deep understanding of this ONE THING -- plus our "positioning mojo" and "AHA Based copywriting" expertise -- you may end up getting $10K, $20K or even $50K+ in RECURRING sales in the first 30 - 90 days.

What’s the ONE THING?

Right Offer + Right Market + Right TIME = SALES

No matter how great your subject line is, or how compelling your emails are, or how beautifully made your sales page, webinar, FB Live is...

If you're talking to people who are not ready...

You're gonna have a hard time converting.

This is why AFTER we created demand and demonstrated value...

We STRATEGICALLY send a sales sequence that ONLY taps in people who are closer to the hole.

That way...

... You save yourself from attracting to pain in the a** students

... You don’t have to handle a LOT of “sales objections”

... And you don’t have to use all of those “sleazy” and spammy sales tactics that most "gurus" are teaching you just to make a sale.

A simple invitation email + a special order form is enough to get "I'M INs" to your offer.

Don't be surprised if after a while, depending on your goals...

You may not need to run as many launches because you have enough people pay you month, after month, after month when you do this right... which is our goal for all of our clients.

To summarize…

We help our clients launch their membership using our CDT launch sequence. Which means…

WE CREATE DEMAND to your offer.

WE DEMONSTRATE VALUE before you make an offer.

WE TAP IN SALES by presenting your offer ONLY to the right people at the right TIME


I'm currently not open for business because I'm at full capacity.

But if you want to know more about the CDT launch sequence and how I help clients, join our private FB group at "Launch Your Membership To 6-Figures and Beyond."