Bigger Pie Promotions

We help established Business EXPERTS, Coaches, AnD Consultants...

Add 5 - 6 Figures High-Ticket / Recurring Sales WITHOUT Having To Get On The Phone Or Build Complicated Funnels

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As Your Growth Partner, We Help You...

Optimize Your Offer

We kickstart by dialing in your offers and position it as the ONLY  solution (as much as possible) for your IDEAL clients.

Craft copy that creates demand

You get a dedicated marketing specialist to help you write campaigns that creates buying frenzy.

close high-ticket sales via chat

You also get everything you need to handle 3 - 4 sales conversation at a time, and do it WITHOUT having to do any convincing.

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Who We Can Help...

As much as we love to help everyone, we can only handle a handful of partners to ensure we get you RESULTS.

This is for you if...

  • You have at least a multiple 6-figure business with a good track record of sales and CLIENT SATISFACTION.
  • Is serving entrepreneurs, marketers, or small business owners
  • Have a working lead generation system (preferably paid traffic).
  • Have a back-end program that has at least $2,000 value.
  • Your audience loves you. (I know this is not quantifiable, but you get the point ;-) 
  • Have at least 1000 people in your buyers list (not prospect).
  • *FB Groups of buyers is a PLUS
  • AND you can REALISTICALLY handle more clients.

Ready To Find Out More?

The Man Behind Creating "Bigger Pies"

Hi my name is Marc Allen and I’m the founder of Bigger Pie Promotions, a back-end marketing agency that specializes in helping established business experts maximize profits from every customers/clients they acquire.

I've figured out a unique process to add at least $500,000 in annual gross revenue to the right partners... WITHOUT having to build new funnels, working at nights to do webinars, and getting on the phone (if you don't want to).

The best part?

We do this on a Pay-As-You-Profit Model.

Which means, our partners don't have to pay us $10K, $15K or $25K+ upfront, before they even see if our partnership is going to work.

Sure, there's a (reasonable) setup fee to start but the rest is performance-based.

Isn't it time that someone who claims they can deliver results puts their money where their mouth is? 

With the ever-increasing cost of paid advertising,  having a solid back-end marketing that generates REPEAT, long-term, happy clients is your best bet to a healthy business.

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